Swinging with Herpes

I suppose there are a lot of people who would think that once you have herpes maybe to should hang up your hat and discontinue swinging related activities.  Maybe for you the whole sexuality thing wasn’t meant to be and has left you with this gift that does not go away. I personally want to strongly disagree. For me herpes is something that has always been there.  In my early 20’s I contracted herpes and I don’t even know who gave it to me. For others herpes is a new problem given to them later in life after they finally start to enjoy how their body works sexualy. This seems particularly cruel given that following sense of conservatism so you could raise a family and be part of your community without raising any eyebrows was necessary and now that you can ignore it, well (here comes herpes).

Don’t worry we can still have fun even with herpes and probably more fun because the nasty STD conversion is out in the open without us having to think about it.  We also have Aciclovir and/or Valtrex which can prevent breakouts and suppress the ability to spread the virus.

Some rules we like to follow for herpes/std swinging

  1. We don’t have sex if one of us has a herpes break out.  We don’t want to spread the infection to other parts of our bodies.
  2. Make sure any potential partners don’t have other infections
  3. Be prepared to use protection

Some general rules to follow swinging

  1. Discuss what is going to happen with your partner before
  2. Bring Your Own Condoms
  3. The Host Always Gets a Gift
  4. Voyeurs Have to Stay Quiet
  5. Stick to What You’re Comfortable With
  6. Clean Up Your Own Messes – All of Them
  7. Touch Base with Your Partner Throughout the Evening
  8. Remember to Be Hygienic


I appreciate your time and wanted to thank all of you for helping with this community. Some of the rules I made up based on experience (especially the herpes ones), the others came from various swinging blogs on the net.

Please feel free to add and comment.


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