About us

We are some crazy people who are in the lifestyle and have been blessed with herpes. We started talking about creating a better community for people similar to ourselves and decided to go for it. We are a group of artists and tech people who all have experience in working with the web. We started discussions in early 2018 and began our journey shortly after.

We love the online communities we are part of and are not out to diminish their contributions to the lifestyle. We just felt there is a need for more outlets that are 100% open and honest about herpes and STD’s as well as the lifestyle.  

We will answer all communications you send and put 100% effort into making this the best site for lifestyle heepsters on the web.

Leo & Chuck

Mission Statement

Make sure everybody is getting laid and loves the community they are part of.

A couple of our founding members.

Leo Heepster


The Boss